Sunday, June 17, 2018

All Star Baseball - Homewood White

Travis Heathcock, Jackson Robichaud, Luke Serotsky, Pres, Collier Hicks, James Blackstone
Boone Aycock, Bennett Nix, Matt Humphrey, Jonny Dabney and Collin Crump

The All-Star season overlaps with spring season, so Preston practiced with both teams for about a month.  When they first started playing, they played against the other 5 teams in their division and did fairly well, only lost two games to the same team.  The coaches moved the boys around in the batting order, and positions, but Preston usually batted near the top, and played middle infield or pitched.  He had a super sweet team, with fun parents.  All of the boys prayed before every game, and the moms pray over the boys and coaches each game....which I just loved.

Great inning boys!

Got the game ball after pitching and playing well!

Uncle Brian, Henley and Nene came to watch!

James Blackstone, Preston and Luke Serotsky

When the first tournament started, we expected the boys to do pretty well, as we were tied for first place.  The received a bye for the first set of games, but sadly lost their first game to the other #1 team which moved to the boys to the loser bracket.  We thought that they would get an opportunity to play in the championship because they were playing teams that they had easily beat all season, but they fell apart and got knocked out.

They practiced a couple more times, and entered their final tournament "The World Series."  Teams from all around entered.  On the first day, the boys went down for some drills, and to see the facilities (it was hosted by a ballpark in Calera).

Jenny Crump, one of the moms, made each boy a monogrammed towel that they can put pins on, or use to wipe sweat.  The boys loved them!

The following day the tournament began.  Their first game was at 12:30, which
they tied.  They had an 1.5 hour break, and then played their second game, which they lost.  They were tired after playing in 90 degree heat and just hanging out for so long.  Bennett managed to stay back with a friend, but Walker came along.  He did surprisingly well playing with siblings.

Getting sprayed with a mister, and loving every minute of it!
Most supportive Daddy!
Saturday morning, Steve rode back out there with Preston to start the actual tournament.  All of the teams were ranked after the pool play games the day before, and it was a double elimination tourney.  The boys played their hardest, but they sadly lost the first game by one run.  Since their next game wasn't scheduled until 5:45PM, Steve and Preston came back home for lunch and to rest in the air conditioning for a bit.  They rode back out for the next game, and were optimistic.  Sadly the afternoon games were delayed due to extra innings and lightening delays, and they didn't start until 7:30!  The played their hearts out, and Preston pitched and made a double play one inning, but they ultimately lost by one run again in double overtime (they played two extra innings).  It was a long day, and Steve and Preston were both exhausted when they walked in the door at 10:30.

Though we hated to see the boys go out the way they did, we are happy to have our summer back.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Shades Cahaba Comes to an End for Bennett

B's last day being a 10 yr old
It is hard to believe our baby girl turned 11 years old and graduated from SCE on the same day.  Bennett has had a great time at the elementary school, but she is ready to move on and up to the middle school.  Her time at SCE ended with a bang, from her class wide field trip to Camp Cosby, band tryouts at HMS, her final Spirit Day, 5th Grade Recognition, and finally her class pool party!  She made lots of wonderful friends, had some terrific teachers and overall had a wonderful experience!  Here are some of our favorite pictures from her VERY busy last week of school.
Mrs. Day's 5th Grade Class

Bennett and Mary Caroline

B, Katharine, Annie, Hollis and Mary Caroline

Cali, Annie, Becca and B before canoeing


Me and my girl at the closing ceremony

top: B, Ella, Cali, Abigail and Tate
bottom: Jozie, Annie, Laken and Caroline
Camp Cosby was an all day field trip with team building games, lunch, canoeing, swimming and jumping on the "blob."  The kids ended with dinner and then a closing ceremony while they snacked on s'mores.  It was a beautiful day, and I was thrilled to get to hang with Bennett and all of her friends for the day.

On Monday night of the final week of school, Bennett and I went up to the middle school for band tryouts.  She went in not sure what she wanted to play, and did well with so many of the instruments!  At first, she was giggling while she blew into the instruments, but when she listened to the very patient instructors, she realized that she could do it.  At the end, she had her choice of several instruments.  However, she ended up selecting the French Horn!

They require a 20 or above to play that instrument.

Mary Caroline and B cooling off with shaved ice
Tuesday, May 22nd was Spirit Day!  I co-chaired the event, so I was up there all day with the kids.  Both kids had a blast, as they always do, with their friends.  Nothing like some friendly competition running the 40 yard dash, doing tug-a-war or the obstacle course.  Always a fun day at Shades Cahaba!

all smiles!

Boone, Ty and Pres

Pres racing Luke
SCE Class of 2025!
Mrs. Day's Class
The 5th grade recognition was held in the morning.  Afterward, most of the kids were checked out of school so they could go to brunch with friends.  A group of Bennett's friends went to Big Bad Breakfast, which was a lot of fun.

We are so proud of Bennett, and she looked beautiful!
Mary Caroline and Bennett
MC, Juana Grace, B, Annie, Anna and Ella
Girls at Big Bad Breakfast

Beautiful Girls
(Tania, Cali, Katharine, B, MC, Laken, Annie, Jozie, Becca, Caroline, Tate and Carmen)
Mother-Daughter Picture

Last but not least, the infamous pool party!  A group of us parents planned a great party with the renting out of the Homewood Pool and Coach Sills as DJ!  Thankfully the weather was perfect, and the kids enjoyed swimming, dancing and snacking on pizza and cake.  What a wonderful way to wrap up such a fun six years at Shades Cahaba.   Your futures are bright kiddos!

Katharine, Annie, Hollis, B, Jozie, Laken and Cali
SCE Class of 2025!
Last Day of 5th and 3rd Grade!
And lastly, Bennett and Preston's last day of school and Bennett's final birthday celebration with her BFF, Mary Caroline....dinner at Gian Marcos!  They had a blast!  Whew, what a busy week!

The girls before dinner at Gian Marcos

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Baseball, Baseball and MORE Baseball

Opening Day - Raptors and Blue Jays
For the last 5 years, Preston has been playing baseball.  However this year, Preston AND Walker are playing ball.  Walker is playing his first season of tee-ball on the Raptors (the same team Preston played for years ago).  While Walker is learning the ropes for his first time, Preston has moved into kid pitch and is excited about some of the changes, like stealing bases during pass balls.  Slowly, but surely, the boys are moving towards the real rules of baseball.

The season opener was the first weekend of March.  Walker plays once a week, with a practice for about 20 minutes, and then a quick, informal game for the remaining 40 minutes.  It is a hilarious sight, because every child's father is in the field with them, instructing them what to do.  Sometimes there is even a sibling or two, and everyone stays in the infield because rarely does a ball make it past the dirt.  All of the kids chase the same ball, and then don't know what to do once they get it.

When they are up to bat, the kids are just learning to hit the ball and run the the correct order.  The first game that Walker played, he hit the ball, but instead of running to first base, he ran right out over the pitcher's mound, over second base and out to the fence.  Sadly I think he thought he hit a homerun.  We can only guess that because his coach made all of the kids run to the fence and back to burn energy during the practice, rather than running the bases, Walker thought that was where he was supposed to go.  It was pretty cute though, and we chalked it up as a learning experience.

Since Walker had never played baseball before, we assumed he would play right-handed, but for our initial picture, he held the bat left-handed.  We asked around and found a left-handed glove before his first game, and after practicing both ways, he did seem to gravitate towards being a right-handed player (thank goodness).

very serious
Walker ended up liking baseball, but I do think he LOVED the gear!  From the cleats to the eye black-out, he never was upset about getting dressed each week.  Of course the snack after each game was the icing on the cake.  Here are some of our favorite pictures from his short season.

Daddy giving Walker some wise advice

Not sure where Walker is headed, but see the other 4 kids going for the ball?

He missed the ball, but that tongue....

Giving the 1st base coach "five"
The Raptors

Walker and his buddy, Stan Evans

Walker's fan club

Preston, on the other hand, had a weekly practice and two games each week.  His little team was
pretty good, but they ended up finishing in 3rd place out of the six teams in their age group.  However, the all stars season began in April, so for a month Preston played on Blue Jays, in addition to practicing with his all stars team (Homewood White).  The all star season is still going on until mid June, but it was fun watching Preston learn to pitch the ball and continue to play middle field during the spring.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the first few months of his baseball season.