Friday, February 16, 2007

23 Weeks....and counting!

Well, today I am 23 weeks, or officially beginning my 6th month. I tell ya, the weeks seem to be crawling right now. I had my monthly check-up this past week, and the doctor was happy to see me put on 8.5 lbs this past month! She said that at least I wasn't starving the baby or myself. I couldn't tell if that was said in a mean way or not. Anyway, baby Miz is definitely getting stronger. In fact, Steve finally felt the baby move for the first time Tuesday night. He was very excited, and so was I because now we can share in the excitement together. According to the books, the baby can now hear us so we are going to start interacting more with it so it recognizes our voices better. Steve has the Alabama fight song and some Allman Brothers in mind, but that hasn't been agreed upon yet.

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