Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spring Training

Last night we babysat Christian at our home. We fed him (and he let us know when his formula wasn't warm enough), got him in his PJs and ready for bed, read to him and of course...gave him plenty of kisses. Though he was his typical happy-go-lucky self most of the night - he wasn't when it was time to go to bed. He was just fighting the aspect of falling asleep and missing anything that may be going on without him. He had finished his bottle and had a clean diaper, but wouldn't go to asleep.
After the tears and red face, we were desperate to try anything, so in the bag of tricks that Shannon packed for us was a Baby Einstein video. We popped it in, and it was like a miracle drug. All of sudden he stopped crying and started watching TV. It wasn't just that he was immediately quiet though, he actually watched the video. All of the music and colors put me to sleep, but when I awoke (30 minutes later), he was still wide awake in Steve's arms watching the darn thing. It was truly an amazing sight.

He finally succombed to his exhaustion and snored until his mommy and daddy came to get him. It was a late night, but a very productive one for Steve and me. We are getting better at mastering the right temperature for his bottles (thanks for letting us practice on you Christian), and tag-teaming the baby watching responsibility. And now we know that we have to register for at least one Baby Einstein video for our little one!

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