Monday, March 12, 2007

6 Months and Exploding!

Well, I had my 6 month check-up (26.5 weeks), and things went okay. Thankfully, I only gained 3 lbs from last month's visit, and though I have packed on 15 lbs so far, my doctor said that I am on target with where I should be right now. Today I did my glucose test, and though it wasn't fun it wasn't as bad as I had expected. I had to drink this very sweet Sunkist type drink and sit around for an hour before they could draw blood and test my sugar levels. You might think I would have enjoyed the drink with my recent sugar cravings, but since I went in there with an empty stomach - I left with a headache. I will get my results back in a couple of days, but I am assuming that all is well.

My doctor also measured the fundal height, and I measured 26 cm, which is right where I am supposed to be considering I am 26 weeks along (roughly 1 cm per week). Though it is way too early to be accurate, my doctor is predicting a 7 lb range baby. You can imagine my surprise and happiness after hearing horror stories about the size of the Mizerany babies (though I can't get excited yet). I also listened to the heartbeat, and teared up as always when I heard the familiar horse galloping sound. We have the 4-D ultrasound in two weeks, and are very anxious to see what this little critter looks like. With all of the heartburn I have been experiencing, I will be surprised if it doesn't have a head full of hair!

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