Sunday, April 29, 2007

1st Baby Shower!

Last night we enjoyed attending our first baby shower! It was a couple's shower with all of our friends and immediate family - so it was a blast. The weather couldn't have been better, and we all were able to soak up what was left of the beautiful day at Brian & Shannon's. It was hosted by Shannon and friends Sara Beauchamp, Jennifer Cousins, Andrea Fant (who wasn't able to make it) and the newly married, Karen Smith.

After dinner, the girls all sampled ten different baby foods and tried to guess what it was. However, what was much more of a crowd pleaser was watching the men race to powder, wipe and diaper a baby. The two grandpas competed, and Poppy (my father) put the diaper on backwards, while Papa (Steve's father) took his time and got it on right. However, it was Uncle Dan who won with a 28 second time (so we know who we'll be asking to babysit).

Lastly, we opened our gifts - and boy (or should I say girl?) was everyone extremely generous! We received so many awesome items for Baby Miz: our crib, both strollers, our highchair, the swing, the monitor and plenty of other items for the baby to wear and enjoy over the next several months! Surprisingly, we only got one Alabama themed gift...

Today, we spent some time getting everything put together and organized. It is hard to imagine that we only have another 1.5 months to go before we will be utilizing these items.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Moving Right Along...

We had yet another doctor's appointment today, so another 2.5 hours out of my day. As has been the case the past several weeks - everything went well. The baby continues to grow right on schedule (now 4 lbs 9 oz), and the amniotic level doesn't appear to be a problem anymore. The baby is still breech, and though the baby can flip almost up to the end - the doctor we met with today said that the chances are slimmer after 36 weeks. However, she also said that if a cesarean is scheduled - they won't take the baby any earlier than one week before our June 15th due date. We are happy that things continue to go well, and are very anxious to meet this baby in 7.5 weeks (hopefully a little sooner)!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy 1st Anniversary!!

Steve and I celebrated our first anniversary today. It is hard to imagine that it has been a year already. We celebrated all weekend, kicking the weekend off with a delicious steak dinner at Highlands on Friday night. This weekend was so beautiful, we enjoyed spending some time outside on Saturday, and then going to a spa for some treatments. Today, we started our day eating some almond pound cake for breakfast (an anniversary gift from our wedding cake caterer), and then going to church. We then watched all of our videos from the big weekend last year.

It was a great way to reminisce about all of the wonderful memories that we have from that weekend. I cried, of course, during parts, and then we laughed at some of the great toasts that people made. Technology has allowed us to relive that weekend over and over again!

We thank many of you for your calls and cards!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Baby Mizerany Under Construction

Our doctor appointment this morning went well and things continue to be moving along. The baby is 4lbs 1oz right now, so still a little peanut. It is hard to imagine that it has been in there growing for 7 months, and that it is only half of its expected birth weight. As many of you may know, the baby gains an average of .5 lb each week until birth the last two months. We watched it yawn on the ultrasound, but nothing else interesting. It is still breech, but all of its measurements are on track, including its head circumference. (bummer).

One of my co-workers gave me a cute t-shirt last week, so Miz thought I should model it. He especially loved it since he is in construction.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Weekend Away

This past weekend Steve and I traveled to Point Clear, AL for a destination wedding of two of our friends - Steve and Karen. It was an enjoyable getaway, especially since we were unable to go to Vegas last weekend. We left early Friday morning so I could be there for a bridal luncheon, and then spent the rest of the gorgeous day poolside. Later, we went to the rehearsal dinner and had fun spending time with our friends.

Saturday started off perfectly...we slept in and then I enjoyed my first (and hopefully not my last) pregnancy massage. Steve played golf, and then we met back up for lunch. Unfortunately, the weather turned and the wedding was forced to be held inside. It was okay though because everyone handled the change of events fine, and the ceremony and reception was still enjoyable for all. Steve showed off his dance moves at the reception, but after being on my feet most of the day - I wasn't the best partner, so I just snapped photos from the side.

Now we are home and have to go back to our routine. Tomorrow...another ultrasound and doctor's appointment.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another status report

Nene and Poppy (my parents) got into town last night for a week. They are taking care of Christian when Brian and Shannon head to Costa Rica for a wedding. Since their duties don't begin until Wednesday, they were able to join us at the ultrasound appointment this morning. It was exciting for them to see their grandbaby move around and to hear the heartbeat.

The ultrasound couldn't have gone better...the fluid levels were good, the baby was active and we got a couple more photos. The baby shifted a little over the weekend, and is now lying almost horizontally in my belly. Therefore, we were able to get a little better face shot (head on). I am not sure that this baby looks like Steve as much as I did with the photo from last week. In fact, I am not sure who it looks just like a precious baby to me.

The second photo is sweet because the baby is sleeping and is using its hands to rest its head on. As you may be able to see, the baby has its arms folded below the face, and then the hands are clasped and under its right cheek. I hope this is a sign that our baby will be sweet and a good sleeper (you other moms quit is possible).

Friday, April 6, 2007

What is Baby Miz?

Steve and I created a poll using another website to track everyone's best guess at what Baby Miz is. We have entered what we think, and are curious to see what you think as well. Please go to to play with us. It will be interesting to see who gets closest.

Who's this baby's daddy?

We had another doctor's appointment yesterday, and things continue to look up. The doctor is allowing me to return to work full-time, but I still need to take it easy at home. We are 30 weeks today, and are officially on the countdown to June 15th.

We attempted the 4-D ultrasound once again, but this baby doesn't want to cooperate with us. Its face is half buried in my placenta and up in my ribs so our technician could only get this picture. Based on what I see, I see a baby that resembles its daddy. However, we are going to keep trying for a better photo to verify. We are anxious to hear what you all think. Do you think it will be a little girl? Or a little boy?

We have the names chosen and their outfit for their ride home, but we are still waiting for the nursery furniture to arrive. Though we can't wait for this little one to arrive, we don't want baby Miz to come too early since it will be mid May before the nursery is complete. Our doctor is predicting a slightly early arrival, so we will keep you posted. We begin weekly appointments next Tuesday for the rest of the pregnancy.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Rounding the Corner

Yippee, your prayers are working! We returned to the doctor this morning and were happy to hear that my amniotic level increased to 11.4 cm! Our ultrasound technician tried to see the baby in the 4-D version, but unfortunately this little baby's face is buried in my ribs (breech position). She said that she will keep trying, and it looks like we will have plenty of opportunities since our OB is going to have me come in weekly. In fact, our next appointment is Thursday afternoon. The technician could see some hair, and pointed out that the baby had some larger lips (I don't know where it is getting that trait from), but that is all we know at this point.

Thankfully, our doctor is letting me return to work part-time. I must admit that I never thought I would be this excited to go to work, but when you lay around all day and do welcome any kind of a change. She said that I can go in for a few hours, as long as I come home and rest afterward. I also have to maintain my water intake, which is hard. will all be worth it when we get to hold this little baby! Thanks for all of your prayers, emails and calls - I have really appreciated it.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Bedrest Boredom

We returned to the doctor Friday for another ultrasound and check-up. Thankfully the baby is doing wonderfully and is very active. We were put on a fetal monitor for 20 minutes, and had to count the kicks...somewhere around 15-20 for us. Unfortunately our ultrasound concluded that our amniotic fluid level had dropped again. It didn't fall into the critical level (below 5 cm), but it was at 8 cm, so we are still on bedrest, and drinking plenty of fluids. We are supposed to return Monday for another ultrasound.

The doctor is not worried about the baby right now, but is concerned about my activity level. In fact, she told me to start preparing mentally for the possibility of bedrest through the end of the pregnancy. Of course, you can only imagine my disappointment considering how hyper I am. I am trying to think positively and am praying that I can at least return to work, but I don't know if that will happen.

Fortunately I am 29 weeks, and full term is considered 37 I only have 2 more months to go.