Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another status report

Nene and Poppy (my parents) got into town last night for a week. They are taking care of Christian when Brian and Shannon head to Costa Rica for a wedding. Since their duties don't begin until Wednesday, they were able to join us at the ultrasound appointment this morning. It was exciting for them to see their grandbaby move around and to hear the heartbeat.

The ultrasound couldn't have gone better...the fluid levels were good, the baby was active and we got a couple more photos. The baby shifted a little over the weekend, and is now lying almost horizontally in my belly. Therefore, we were able to get a little better face shot (head on). I am not sure that this baby looks like Steve as much as I did with the photo from last week. In fact, I am not sure who it favors...it looks just like a precious baby to me.

The second photo is sweet because the baby is sleeping and is using its hands to rest its head on. As you may be able to see, the baby has its arms folded below the face, and then the hands are clasped and under its right cheek. I hope this is a sign that our baby will be sweet and a good sleeper (you other moms quit laughing....it is possible).

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