Monday, April 2, 2007

Rounding the Corner

Yippee, your prayers are working! We returned to the doctor this morning and were happy to hear that my amniotic level increased to 11.4 cm! Our ultrasound technician tried to see the baby in the 4-D version, but unfortunately this little baby's face is buried in my ribs (breech position). She said that she will keep trying, and it looks like we will have plenty of opportunities since our OB is going to have me come in weekly. In fact, our next appointment is Thursday afternoon. The technician could see some hair, and pointed out that the baby had some larger lips (I don't know where it is getting that trait from), but that is all we know at this point.

Thankfully, our doctor is letting me return to work part-time. I must admit that I never thought I would be this excited to go to work, but when you lay around all day and do welcome any kind of a change. She said that I can go in for a few hours, as long as I come home and rest afterward. I also have to maintain my water intake, which is hard. will all be worth it when we get to hold this little baby! Thanks for all of your prayers, emails and calls - I have really appreciated it.

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