Friday, April 6, 2007

Who's this baby's daddy?

We had another doctor's appointment yesterday, and things continue to look up. The doctor is allowing me to return to work full-time, but I still need to take it easy at home. We are 30 weeks today, and are officially on the countdown to June 15th.

We attempted the 4-D ultrasound once again, but this baby doesn't want to cooperate with us. Its face is half buried in my placenta and up in my ribs so our technician could only get this picture. Based on what I see, I see a baby that resembles its daddy. However, we are going to keep trying for a better photo to verify. We are anxious to hear what you all think. Do you think it will be a little girl? Or a little boy?

We have the names chosen and their outfit for their ride home, but we are still waiting for the nursery furniture to arrive. Though we can't wait for this little one to arrive, we don't want baby Miz to come too early since it will be mid May before the nursery is complete. Our doctor is predicting a slightly early arrival, so we will keep you posted. We begin weekly appointments next Tuesday for the rest of the pregnancy.

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