Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bennett Comes Home!

It has been a busy day! Bennett and I both were checked over once again by our doctors this morning, and after getting a clean bill of health - we got all packed up so we could go home. She is a little jaundice now, but her pediatrician expects her to be back to normal in no time.

We had to get her all dressed up in a new pink dress for the ride home. And since she had a full head of hair, everyone thought it would be cute to have a pink bow. She was quite the sport with the whole thing.

We had a short ride home, and then Nene, Poppy, Shelby and Spencer were there to greet us. Everyone was excited to welcome her home - even her 4 legged siblings (see the smiles on their faces). Shelby gave her little kisses on her feet, and Spence just sniffed her carseat. And of course...Bennett slept through the whole thing.

She is doing very well, but due to her young age - she sleeps more than anything. In fact, we have to wake her to feed her, and even then she falls asleep during the process. I know we should cherish these quiet moments, but we just love to admire her when she is wide-eyed and looking around.

In fact, one of our highlights of the day was giving her a bath at home. Since I get to bond with her through nursing, we decided it would be Daddy's job to bath her so he could bond with her then. She loved her first bath, and didn't cry once.

We'll report more...very soon.

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