Tuesday, May 15, 2007

An Earlier Arrival is Probable

Well, I am back at the hospital. Yesterday afternoon I went in for my weekly check-up and they determined that my amniotic level had fallen again. As a precaution, they admitted me overnight for fluids and to monitor the baby. Fortunately we are both doing well - the baby's heartbeat is strong and it is very active. However, we had another ultrasound this morning, and my levels didn't increase like they had hoped. So, I am here for another night. They will recheck it again tomorrow morning, and if it has gone up to a "safe level" then I will be discharged to bedrest at home. If it stays the same or decreases, then I will continue to spend nights here with day to day monitoring. We are trying to keep the baby in there until next Friday, when I will be 37 weeks.

It is still too early to determine what will actually happen, but I think that it is likely that I will go even earlier than June 6th now. Though the amniotic level is 5.7 cm (the bottom of the normal range), the doctor is concerned that something else is going on since I have been on bedrest a full day now, and have literally been pumped full of fluids (3 IV bags and lots of water). Steve and I aren't worried though - we feel good that we've made it this far along and are confident that this baby will be okay.

There is wireless internet at the hospital, so I am able to at least check emails and surf the web to break up the monotony of TV. Who would've thought that I, Julie "tivo" Mizerany, could tire of watching television, but I have. Steve has also been an angel, sitting with me for hours during the day and night, and taking care of our kids at home. We'll update the blog with any pertinent news, but in the meantime - pray that we make it another 10 days.

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