Sunday, May 6, 2007

Georgia On My Mind...

We were able to get away to Georgia this past weekend for a few days of fun and relaxation. Steve and I, and friends Chris Corts and Leslie Conwill headed east to my parent's home. Steve and I found ourselves eating and sleeping a lot, but Chris and Leslie did plenty of walking and were much better at keeping up their regular routines. Though the weather wasn't warm or clear enough to get any sun, we enjoyed lunch outside at the Ritz at Reynolds Plantation, and Leslie and I had a massage. I swear if I could have one luxury - it would be to hire a personal masseuse for a daily massage. With my feet swelling so much the past couple of weeks, I could really utilize a foot and leg massage every day after work. Thankfully Steve has been helping me out with that some and rubbing my feet at night. It helps, but I feel guilty asking.
Though our trip was a just a weekend, it was nice to get away. Reynolds is such a relaxing place, so peaceful and quiet. We enjoyed our last getaway before the baby comes.

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