Monday, May 21, 2007

Home Again!

After yet another ultrasound this morning, we were happy to see the amniotic fluid increase a little more, now 9 cm. Since it wasn't in the 10-12 range like my doctor wanted, I didn't expect to go home - even though my blood pressure has been more stable. In fact, I choked down another hospital lunch before I heard from her. She finally blessed me with her presence this afternoon and let me go home!

I obviously couldn't be happier. However, we are still playing the wait and see game. We have another appointment on Wednesday morning. If my fluids drop to 6 cm or below, then she will schedule a c-section for that night. But, if they are in the same range - then we'll just play it by ear. I also have to monitor my blood pressure daily, and if there are any changes with that - then everything can change.

So, overall - we don't really know a whole lot more. Though our families aren't happy to have me home - my dogs and I are. In fact, Shelby told me that she would be more than happy to stay on bedrest with me!

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