Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Old Friend Visits!!

Today my life got a little old friend visited me in the hospital....TIVO!!! Since I still have the original TIVO which only holds 20 hours, it was smoking at home and completely loaded. So Steve had the bright idea of bringing it here so I could catch up on my shows, especially since all of the season finales are on now. I couldn't be more thankful. This past week has been painfully hard TV. I honestly haven't watched live TV in years, and I now recall what a waste of time it is to watch. With almost half of the show's dedicated time being spent on commercials - it is amazing how much time is wasted.

Since there is absolutely nothing on TV during the weekends, except old movies and sports, I plan to clear my TIVO off by Sunday night. Then I want Steve to take it home and hook it back up so it can get some of the shows I watch on channels not offered by the hospital. Not to mention, my mother is a little upset that she can't tivo her soap operas next week (I converted her a couple of years ago).

For those of you who still don't have digital video recorders (DVRs) - you are missing out BIG TIME!

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