Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No News is Good News??

I am still here, and it appears that I will now be here through the weekend, and most likely the end of the pregnancy. I took it hard this morning when my fluids barely increased, but I have finally resigned myself that I am here until the end. It has been hard letting go of my work responsibilities that I left on my desk, as well as the home jobs that I have yet to complete. In addition, I am upset that I will be unable to attend the baby shower that Michelle, Carol Anne and Penny have planned for us this weekend. However, I think Steve and Michelle have come up with a plan - Steve is going to attend in my place, and we are either going to videotape it for me, or utilize webcams so I can still feel like I am apart of it (thank goodness for technology).

In addition, my mother is flying in on Saturday to help Steve get some of these items done around the house before the baby comes. Then my father will fly in on Tuesday, so we'll have the whole family here for the arrival - hopefully late next week sometime. It is hard to imagine that I have been waiting for this little one's arrival for the past 8 months (secretly wishing that it would arrive early) and now I'm hoping the little one will just stay put for another 9 days.

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