Tuesday, May 29, 2007

One Week Old Already

Things are going surprisingly well so far! We had a couple tough nights when she first came home, where one of us kept getting up every 30 minutes, but the last two nights have been great. She has only gotten up once to eat and have her diaper changed, and then she goes back to sleep until 5:30. Yesterday she was much more alert. In fact, she was up for almost 2 hours after first awakening, and just got passed around from mommy, daddy, nene and poppy.

Of course we all love to admire her and keep telling her how beautiful she is, so I hope she doesn't become too spoiled. She is just a little angel. Daddy was supposed to return to work yesterday, but after a morning away from her -he returned for lunch and never went back. I know we all need to settle into our normal routines, but it is too hard right now. I guess being new parents, we just can't get enough of her. All we do is hold her and take photos of her. Steve went off to work again this morning, and is going to try to work a full day this time.

We have enjoyed the past week spending time with family, but this morning we said goodbye to Poppy, who returned to Illinois. Last night he enjoyed holding her, but I guess watching her sleep, made him a little sleepy and now we know where she gets the sleeping with her mouth open.

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