Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Quick Field Trip!

Today my doctor finally came around some and let me out of my room for 15 minutes! It was my biggest adventure of the past week. I have been missing my dogs terribly, so I knew immediately how I wanted to spend my free time....outside and with my doggies!

Steve has recorded them for me at home a couple of times (I know you all think I am pathetic), but it has been extremely enjoyable and comforting to watch. However, seeing their little tails wag when they greeted me today made me even happier and gave me the boost I needed to make it here a few more days.

In fact, today was also a special day for us because Michelle Mizerany, Carol Ann Juliano and Penny Ferguson hosted an absolutely lovely shower for us. Due to my situation, Steve went in my place - and was quite the trooper with all of the ladies. Being the caring and thoughtful person that he is, he arranged for me to watch the shower on a webcam, while there was another one present for the guests to see me. We once again received some fabulous items, and we thank everyone who attended.

We have another ultrasound tomorrow morning where we will hopefully get some more answers and find out if baby Miz is arriving this week. Though if everything looks good, I may be discharged and she'll just monitor the baby and me every couple of days. So please continue with your prayers, and keep checking the blog for more updates.

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