Friday, June 8, 2007

Daddy's Little Girl

Yesterday evening we received the first rain that Birmingham has seen in weeks, so we sat out in the sunroom with some wine to enjoy it. It was one of those weird summer rains where the sun is still shining, but the rain is coming down. It was such a relief to have it since we are at a stage 3 drought right now. In fact, we are only allowed to hand water our lawn and plants twice a week, and if anyone is caught excessively using their water - they will be fined. Since we just planted some sod before Bennett arrived - we were thrilled to have it rain on one of our non-watering days so we could capture one more day of "penalty-free watering."

Bennett rocked with her daddy and ate up the attention. It was a relaxing night just listening to music and talking about parenthood - something that we still can't wrap ourselves around. In fact, the thought of getting a homemade Mother's Day card in years to come brought tears to my eyes (I am such a sap anymore). She is such a funny little girl - making so many noices and faces. We love the way she grunts, and the way she always chokes a little when she first starts to eat because she is so excited and eats too quickly. We just stare at her and wonder what she is going to be like. Who is she going to look like in a few months? In 2 years? Will she be patient like her daddy, or have a temper like her mommy? Is her hair going to fall out or grow in thicker? Will her eyes stay blue?

I guess time will tell, and we are excited to learn!

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