Saturday, June 23, 2007

First Day at the Pool

Late today, Steve and I finally got our act together and went to the pool with Bennett for the first time. Our pediatrician said that we shouldn't go during the heat of the day, so we made it there by 6pm. The hour before the pool closed worked out perfectly for our first time. She was asleep when we got there, and though we were soaking her up to her chest - she preferred to continue sleeping.

She finally started to stir some, and we were able to catch her with this cute smile. We can only assume that she liked it, but after 15 minutes in the water - she began to fuss a little so we took her out. While drying off sitting poolside we met another mother and got to talking about her family and how they have enjoyed the "Homewood Country Club" for years. I am confident that as we spend more time at the pool we will meet many other nice parents and Bennett will meet some new friends.

Once we got home, we coated her little body with lotion and put a fresh diaper and her PJs on her. Since they don't sell swim diapers for babies her size, we just kept her in her regular diaper under her bathing suit. We had heard that it would swell up after absorbing so much water, but what we were surprised with was how it kept it all inside, regardless of how much water was in it. This diaper probably weighed 5lbs, yet no water leaked out of it. I tell ya - it is amazing how much better these diapers have gotten over the years! All in all - it was a good experience, and we will definitely be returning to the "club" soon!

After such a big day, my boys were just exhausted....

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