Friday, June 1, 2007

First Doctor's Visit

It is hard to imagine that Bennett is 9 days old already! After a relaxing morning in Nene's arms this morning, we went to her first doctor's appointment. Things didn't start off well...we had to wait for an hour before going back to see the doctor. She tried to catch some more sleep in her Daddy's arms while we waited, but the thought of food distracted her some. Once we finally got back there, we were a little surprised to see how much weight she had gained. She weighed in at 6lbs 3 oz, surpassing her birth weight. Any doubt of whether or not she has been eating enough has now vanished.
Finally the nurses came in to take some blood - they had to stick her heel (which she hated). Hearing a cry from her that I have never heard before brought tears to my eyes and I cried alongside of her. It was just pitiful, but thankfully when they stopped squeezing her heel, and I could pick her up and tell her things were going to be okay, she calmed down.

Our doctor answered all of our questions, and reminded us that she should join our world, rather than us join hers. So we decided to go out for dinner with Nene before she left Saturday morning. We sat outside on a patio and had a great dinner while Bennett slept through the entire thing in her carseat. She was a perfect angel.

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