Saturday, June 23, 2007

Happy 35th Birthday to Me!

Yesterday I celebrated my 35th birthday - WOW! I am officially in my "mid thirties" now. I know technically, I probably was last year, but I would always deny it. I had a great birthday - Bennett, the dogs and I had our morning walk, and then I enjoyed a nice lunch with Brian, Shannon, Christian, Steve and Bennett. Since it is Shannon's birthday on Sunday - it was really a joint birthday celebration. Though I didn't get a nap in like I would have liked in the afternoon, I was able to rally and make it through a delicious dinner at Ruth's Chris with Steve.

It was our first official night out without Bennett, and we were thankful to have Louis and Sara offer to keep Bennett for us. It was so nice dropping her off and just knowing that she was in good hands. We actually didn't worry, and were able to meet a few friends afterward for another cocktail before picking her up. We were still home by 10pm, which quite frankly is our bedtime now.

This morning I continued to celebrate my birthday by scheduling a massage and pedicure that Steve gave me after delivering Bennett. I now am relaxed and just listening to silence as our daughter takes a nap. Hopefully she will be down for a couple of hours, and then wake up in a good mood. We are hoping to take her to the pool late this afternoon for an hour for her first time. If we make it - I will post another blog later, because she is pretty darn cute in her new bathing suit!

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