Friday, June 15, 2007

June 15th!

For those that have been reading this blog for sometime, you may recall the joy when we announced the June 15th due date of Bennett's arrival (though we didn't know she was a "she" then). Well, it is finally here and I am just thrilled that she is 23 days old, rather than 1 day. In fact, this morning I took her by the doctor's office to be weighed - just to see what she could have been born weighing. I was a little surprised that she was 7 lb 5 oz already - such a big girl!

The past three weeks have been great (even though there have been a few rough patches in the wee hours of the nights). I have thoroughly enjoyed my time home with her, and it makes me sad to think that I will be returning to work sometime in July. People keep asking when, and I must admit that I want to postpone the full-time return as long as I can! Sleeping in a little, and then taking her and my doggies for morning walks have become a nice ritual for us. In fact, the dogs have been very well-behaved since Bennett's arrival - I think because they enjoy having me home with them all day, even though they must share that time with Bennett. If only I could work just a few hours a day from home, and at then at the office as needed....that would be a dream come true! Thankfully we have good care lined up for her - her Mimi and a nanny. And since I work so close to our home, I plan to come home everyday for lunch to nurse and give her some love.

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