Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lazy Saturday

This morning Steve wanted to go eat breakfast outside somewhere so we could enjoy the day. As most know, I have always run a little late, but it is only worse now that we have Bennett. Needless to say - we got a much later start than we had planned. By the time we were ready to walk out of the house, it was after 11am, and it was a hot 85 degrees! I thankfully convinced Steve to drive there, rather than walk like we had planned, even though it was only a few short blocks away.

It was well worth it though. Since we weren't overheated when we got there, we actually enjoyed our breakfast out on the patio, under an umbrella with our sleeping daughter. She was wide awake before we left, but with the short drive - she was out like a light! This afternoon we spent the rest of the day sitting in the air conditioning and watching the US Open - what a lazy day!

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