Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer is Here!

Yesterday Bennett celebrated her one month birthday! Whew! We made it through the first month without any emergency room visits or after hours doctor calls (please knock on wood). In fact, today we took her in for her monthly doctor's appointment and she weighed 7 lb 12.5 oz and is measuring 20.25 inches long! The doctor is very pleased with her growth rate, and said that she is in the 25th percentile right now. The appointment went well, up until she received her second hepatitis shot. I left the room this time, so I didn't cry and mess up my make-up, while Daddy stayed back to comfort our upset daughter. Thankfully, she stops crying as soon as one of her parents holds her, so the wailing stopped immediately.

Though her umbilical cord hasn't fallen off yet, our pediatrician told us that we can get it wet now since it is very close. In fact, he said that we can take her swimming this weekend. We are very excited about this, so we bought our swimming pass right after the appointment! The city of Homewood has a great park, less than a mile from our home with a newly remodeled playground and a huge pool. During the summer months the park plays G rated movies on Friday nights. They do this to create a family atmosphere where the whole gang can come with a picnic basket full of goodies, or you can buy pizza there. We have always wanted to go, but felt silly going without any children, but now we have the perfect excuse - Bennett!

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Joy said...

Hello Julie, I am Courtney Long's Mom.I started keeping up with your blog while Court was in the hospital having Lawson. When I was checking my e-mail she asked me to check your blog to see what was happening with you and I would read her the posts. Well now it seems like I know your family and have to know what is going on with Bennett. She is a beautiful baby and you are a great looking family!