Monday, June 11, 2007

Trial and Error

Saturday, we decided to enjoy the warm weather and head up to Smith Lake for a relaxing night with Steve's family. Smith Lake (for those who aren't from around here) is about an hour north of Birmingham. It is a huge lake that is very clean with a lot of residential areas around it. Steve's parents and Aunt & Uncle built a duplex home there 15+ years ago. His Aunt has since passed away, but his cousins enjoy their side, while the Mizerany's enjoy the other. It is rarely a quiet retreat since so many family members are typically there, but that is what makes it fun for us. We are able to get away and enjoy the serene area, yet have fun with family.

On Saturday morning, while I got "the grey colored right out of my hair" (recall that old TV commercial?), Steve gave Bennett a bath and packed up the car. As I said earlier, we were only going for one night, but the car was loaded...all three kids, a cooler, Bennett's new pack-n-play, our bags, and food for the dogs. We joked about really feeling like a family as we drove up there Saturday afternoon.

Once we got there and got settled, Bennett was passed around like a favorite new toy. Of course, she just loved the attention and slept peacefully in everyone's arms. We kept trying to wake her, but she was way too happy being doted on, especially by her Mimi.

Our duties as parents were pretty low key as cousin Cathy fed her dinner Saturday night while we had a glass of wine. She kept giving all of the hunger signs (the cry and sucking on hands), so we kept feeding her (even though we knew she had never eaten that much before). I really don't know why we didn't listen to our gut, but after 3-4 ounces of milk, Bennett finally gave up eating and fell back to sleep. Steve and I put her down, and hit the hay ourselves - only to be awoken an hour later to Bennett screaming because of a VERY upset tummy . Of course, this being our first road trip, we didn't have our Mylicon or Gripe Water. So we rocked her and tried to soothe her in anyway that we could. Finally, we succumbed to the exhaustion and did something that we said we would NEVER do - we let her...gulp....sleep with us. I know, I know....I am the biggest hypocrite!! She finally fell asleep, as did we around 3 am.

Spencer and Shelby weren't really bothered by all of the irregularity that night, so they were their chipper, hungry selves at 6 am, making it hard for Steve and me to sleep much later. So, we passed a sleeping Bennett off to Mimi and Papa while we had some coffee out on the deck and tried to wake up. The mornings on Smith Lake are by far the prettiest times, so we soon forgot about our horrific first night away from home with Bennett.
We packed the car up around lunch and headed home, writing a list of all the necessities that we will not leave home without next time. Though it wasn't an ideal getaway, it was a great learning experience for us and we look forward to returning on the 4th of July!

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