Saturday, July 7, 2007

Independence Day - 2007

Earlier this week Steve, Bennett, Spencer and I lost our companion - Shelby. After being reminded of her everytime we saw her collar, her old bandanas, her dog bowl, and just not seeing her in our house, in the backyard or in our bed - we decided we needed a change of scenery. So, Wednesday morning we packed up the car and headed to the Mizerany lake house on Smith Lake. It was a great break from the grief that we have suffered this past week, and a wonderful opportunity to be with family.

Steve's entire immediate family was there, including two of his cousins and their families. We had a big crew up there (17 people and 3 dogs)! Needless to say, we kept busy catching up, playing games (more on that later), enjoying some sun and of course eating! It is never a Mizerany get together without all of the yummy (and most typically, unhealthy) food. So, now Steve and I are really starting our diets.

Wednesday morning, before we left, we broke down and made our first call to Bennett's pediatriciain. Though she was feeling okay, she hadn't had a bowel movement in over 24 hours. We didn't want to have a repeat of our first Smith Lake visit, so we wanted to make sure that wasn't a sign of something serious. We were told that between 4-8 weeks, it is normal for a baby who is nursing to absorb more of the milk, and thus not pass it as frequently - perhaps as long as 7 days! We were hopeful that it wouldn't take her a full week, but we packed all of the essentials - thermometer, tylenol, advil, gripe water and mylicon, just in case.

There were times during each day where she would grunt and try real hard, but she was only pushing gas out. It wasn't until Friday afternoon (3.5 days later) when she was content in her Mimi's arms that she passed a grown-up like toot, that left Mimi, and her chair, full of Bennett's first bowel movement of the getaway. Lucky for Bennett, it was runny enough that it just slipped right out her diaper, but her poor grandmother.... Thank goodness this isn't Mimi's first grandchild, so she wasn't mad or disgusted by it. Following, Bennett felt much better and was very content just lying on the floor on a blanket kicking her little legs and arms. Since Mimi handled it all so well - it gave the rest of us something to joke and talk about for the rest of the day.

In between sunning ourselves and the intermittent rain, Steve and I busied ourselves with a game of scrabble. Everyone watched us, so we decided that later that night we would form teams and play again. Steve paired up with his cousin Lisa (a much better speller), and her son Gregory, while I played with Maria and Cathy. We were cocky enough to call ourselves the "winners" and them the "losers," but unfortunately the game didn't turn out quite like we had hoped. It was a close game up until the end, when a brawl began when they went out of turn. Of course they denied that they did, but we didn't let up and it turned ugly. In defense for them, we were taking an insane amount of time to form words when it was our turn, so I can understand how it happened, but still. They finally conceded and let us go, but they were on the hunt then and ultimately kicked our tails. Cathy and I are very poor losers, so we went to bed upset while Steve and Lisa just rubbed it in our faces. I am going to study the dictionary over the next couple of months, so the next time we are together, we can have a rematch and kick their rears!

Saturday morning we awoke to much needed rain. It didn't look like there was an end in sight, so we packed up and came home. Now we are just trying to settle into our routines and get used to the new dynamics around the house. Monday, I am returning to work - only part-time this week so I can get my feet wet again, but then full-time next week...ugh!

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