Thursday, August 16, 2007

Avalon 2007

Well, we made it back from another wonderful trip to the Jersey shore. We flew out last Friday afternoon, and returned Wednesday night well rested and with a great tan. Everything went perfectly, with the exception of our flight out there, which was delayed almost 2 hours. However, Bennett did wonderfully on the flight, not making a peep. For our first time flying with her, things went well. We certainly didn't forget anything, and we seemed to pack just the right amount of clothes.

As always, it was great being with our entire family! We had 20 people this year (including the babies), so it only gets more chaotic and fun. We had not all been together since our wedding, so Christian and Bennett were new additions this year. They certainly were not deprived of any attention, in fact we are working to now get Bennett back into her routine and used to not being held all day long. Since she is so young and adaptable, she was happy to be held by anyone (even Gracie as you see here). It was amazing to see how much Grace and her siblings (Jenna & Kurt) have grown up over the past 2 years. Jenna has become quite the little lady, and Kurt Jr, a sweet boy. They all were so well-behaved and enjoyed playing on the beach, and entertaining each other and Christian.

We had planned on spending about an hour a day at the beach with Bennett, but she was so good, she stayed out all day with us. This year the weather was just perfect... sunny with a nice breeze, and cooler at night. We departed Birmingham with 104 degree weather, and landed in a much cooler Philadelphia...only 64 degrees. Though it was quite the change, we welcomed the more pleasant temperatures, especially Bennett. Since she was born, she has enjoyed being outside. So once we got all set up at the beach with her towels, umbrella, and of course sunscreen...she was happy as a clam! In fact, she slept most of the afternoon in the shade. When she was awake, she was usually being held by someone, so she was content.

Our Avalon trips are always a little similar: morning walks on the beach, followed up with breakfast/lunch and then out to the beach for the day. Everyone then goes home to shower before we convene for cocktails and dinner. One change this year was an early morning wake up call from Bennett. We decided to make the most of it and go out to the beach to watch the sunrise (yes, we were up that early). As you would expect, it was beautiful!

Because of the size of our group, we never go out for dinner. Instead, we rotate cooking responsibilities and try to maintain Debbie Forrey's tradition of serving a special cocktail for the night. We started off with watermelon martinis (thanks to Debbie), then margaritas and pina coladas for Kurt Sr's 40th birthday party, then the Bantas made some Beach Toddies, and Uncle Jim and Aunt Sue contributed all of the wine we had for dinner! So all and all...a lot of alcohol was consumed!

However, it isn't all about food and alcohol, as you might think. It is about family. This trip is always one that I look so forward to (and this was my 4th one as an adult). It started off with just Brian and me making the trip to visit with the Forreys, Hovans and Blairs. But when my parents heard about all of the fun, they wanted to join us the next year. By that time, Brian and I had met Shannon and Steve, so they too joined in on the fun. After a couple of years with that group, our little ones arrived. Who knows what the future will bring, but I am certain it will hold more opportunities for us to be together with our family and create more fond memories.

Steve & Bennett relaxing before dinner

Bennett enjoying one of her books

All of the women in our family

Brian, Christian, Bennett and me before breakfast on the boardwalk one morning

Debbie carrying Bennett during a morning walk

Dad and Steve...the winners of the horseshoe competition!

Alex, John & Jimmy Forrey

The Mizeranys Aug 2007

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Looks like so much fun! Love the sunrise picture!