Sunday, August 5, 2007

Look at Me!

I don't know if it is every child at this age, but Bennett just LOVES bath time. She could be crying and so upset, but as soon as she feels the water - she becomes relaxed and happy. Since we brought her home, she has loved the feel of water on her head, but now that she can get her legs wet, and actually sit in it - it's is a completely different feeling for her.

As you will see below, she loves it when we pour water on her head. We have always joked about her pretending that she is at a beauty shop, because she literally throws her head back like women have to do at a salon.

I hope that this love for water stays with her as she gets older. As we have shown in previous blogs, she likes the pool too, even though the water is colder than her baths. Steve is ready to dunk her, but we are holding off until she takes a swim class with her Daddy this fall. We want to make sure we do it right, and not hurt or frighten her.

We really enjoy her, and now that she is becoming more interactive - it is even more fun. There is nothing more special than when she turns her head when she hears our voice, or smiles when she sees us. She is a funny little girl, and she makes the cutest faces!

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