Thursday, August 2, 2007

Look Who's Smiling!

Bennett is such a happy baby, and has recently started smiling regularly when Steve and I talk to her. She has such a cute smile - all gums right now (as you can see here). Her mornings are her favorite time, always well rested and in a good mood.

We are guessing that Bennett now weighs about 10 lbs, and her appetite has definitely grown along with her weight. At the beginning of July, we started feeding her formula before bedtime to sustain her longer. It definitely worked, as she has been sleeping through the nights for the past 3 weeks now. However, recently she just isn't quite satisfied with the 4 ounces we were feeding her, so we increased it to 5. This little increase has helped her sleep even longer - now 10-7 am! I can't even tell you how happy I am for this extra time.

I am finally starting to get my morning routine down, and with her sleeping later, I can actually get ready before she awakes and expects to be fed. Then it is either off to her Mimi's house, or she is passed off to Ms. Shirley. She is content with either, as long as someone is paying attention to her!

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Our Story... said...

Adorable!!! What a cute smile!!! I also love the onesie! :-)