Sunday, August 19, 2007

One Last Hoorah!

This weekend, my close friends Betsy and Chelsea made a visit to Birmingham. It was an opportunity for them to meet Miss Bennett, and for us three to be together before Chels and her family move to Edmonton, Canada next month. Betsy drove in from Memphis Friday night, and Chelsea from Nashville Saturday morning. We hung out that morning with Steve and Bennett, and then we really caught up over a big mexican lunch.

Everything was going smoothly, and they departed for home around 4:30. An hour later we received a call from Betsy that she was on her way back. I assumed that she missed us, but in reality she was having car problems, and was afraid that she would stall somewhere between here and Memphis on the back roads of Mississippi (which could be very scary). Since her children start school tomorrow, she needed to get home. Based on the problems she was having, we thought she had water in her gas tank, so we poured some Heet in it, and tried to burn some gas by driving around the subdivision. Unfortunately, this morning when we tried to start wouldn't even turn over. So, we drove her halfway, so Will and the kids didn't have to pick her up in Birmingham, and now she is having the car towed all the way back to Memphis. What an unfortunate way to end a fun weekend. Hopefully Betsy's bad experience with her car won't deter her from future visits to the steel city. Because time with good girlfriends is a must!!

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