Thursday, August 30, 2007

Roooooll Tide!

Who would have guessed that one of the first questions I was continually asked when I moved to Birmingham was "Alabama or Auburn?" I didn't even know what they were talking about at first. However, once I learned it was about football, I just admitted that I didn't care (can you believe that I had no opinion?). Then I met my Steve and his family, and for those that don't know, they are the biggest Alabama fans. They have had season tickets for years, and even I who does not appreciate football, recognizes how wonderful their seats are (pretty close to 50 yd line seats in the lower bowl). All three boys went to school there, and then Steve had the opportunity to have his dream job of being the project manager of the football stadium expansion. He worked his tail off for the past two years, commuting daily to T-town to work on it. They finished in time for kick-off last season, and what a wonderful thing to be proud of and put your stamp on...Alabama's football stadium. Needless to say, their enthusiasm for the team and sport has only strengthened since the arrival of Coach Nick Saban!

Usually the first games of the season are givens for the good teams, so who cares to watch them, right? Well, let me tell you....the Mizeranys do! They have all been clamouring over their seats, anxious to see the first game that Saban coaches. Steve was even able to score an extra pair of tickets from work that they are using. He wanted Bennett and me to join him, and after much conversation on all of the reasons why it is a bad idea (she is only 3 mos old, she'll be asleep during most of the game, I will also be asleep during some of the game, etc.), he finally agreed to let us stay home.

However, he wants us to be there in spirit, so I promised to dress Bennett up in Alabama gear. I thought it would be her little onesie that he first bought when we found out we were pregnant. But Myra and Big Lou surprised us with a little cheerleader outfit...the cutest darn thing I have seen. I thought it was going to be big on Bennett since it was a 6 month size, but it fits her well. And if I must say so myself, she looks pretty cute in crimson!

As much as her daddy would love for her to attend Alabama and be a cheerleader there, I am not quite sure that this is her thing. Now she may just be a little young still, but she seems much more interested in her hands than any shaker (or pom pom, as I like to call it). But that is alright, as long as she prefers the Tide to the Tigers, she will be loved by the Mizeranys.


Courtney & Dave Long said...

random question...which company does steve work for? i have a good friend that also worked on the stadium expansion...wonder if they work together??

love the cheerleader outfit!!

Roll Tide!!

Our Story... said...

Adorable!! Love the cheerleader outfit!!