Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bumbo Seat

This weekend while Steve was enjoying himself in
Jacksonville, FL with the guys at the Alabama game, Bennett and I stayed at home and bonded even more. We stayed at home Friday night, but went to a football party of our own Saturday night. We watched Alabama lose their second game, and then headed home early for a good night of sleep.

Bennett is such a trip and a truly happy baby. Though we had a nice routine for the weekend, I still wanted to get things done while we were at home. Without the extra pair of hands, I had to rely on her various toys to keep her entertained. She surprisingly can remain content in her exersaucer or discovery gym for 30 minutes at a time, but she does like to alternate her positions. If she is lying down for one playtime, then she wants to be upright the next the bumbo seat works perfectly for that.

Not only is it useful for me, it is great for her as it forces her to hold her head upright. She is usually okay in it for about 15 minutes, but then she starts to get tired. As you will see in the progression of photos I took of her tonight when I was trying to prepare dinner.

(her head was practically resting on her shoulder, and she was leaning and drooling...yet still happy)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bennett is 4 months Already!

It is hard to believe that Bennett is already 4 months old! Today she went in for her 4 month check-up, and I must admit that I was a little nervous. My cousin, Lisa, had warned me of the risk of vaccinating your child all at once like the CDC recommended due to the possible link to autism and other developmental disorders when Bennett was very young. But rather than do the research like she suggested, I just asked my pediatrician who stated that he vaccinated his boys according to the CDC's schedule and felt that the rumors were just that. So needless to say, I trusted him and gave Bennett all 5 of her recommended vaccinations at her 2 month check-up.

However, the past two months I have been hearing a lot of the same claims my cousin made, so I started doing a little research. Well I became obsessed with what I was reading, and though I believe in the importance of vaccinating Bennett, I didn't want to do it so heavily at a few appointments. I had done my homework prior to the appointment, and was ready and armed with facts, statistics and quotes from neurologists and pediatricians. Steve was worried that I may make a bad situation worse with my new passion, so he elected to start the conversation off with our doctor. You see Steve and our doctor have a common love...the Alabama Tide, so they get along wonderfully.

As you would expect, Steve eased into it with class and a way that wouldn't put our doctor on the defense. And I must admit that it worked like a charm. Our doctor, Keith Stansell, was totally open to our worries and our desire to put Bennett on an alternative vaccination schedule. In fact, he spent a whole HOUR with us discussing the risks of not giving her the various vaccinations and even helped us with this alternate schedule. Though I showed him some of the material I had read, it ended up not even be necessary. It was a very rewarding experience, and just made me feel that much more comfortable with him as a physician. So, for any of you Birmingham folks that are in need of a GREAT pediatrician, I highly recommend Dr. Keith Stansell at Alabama Pediatrics in Homewood.

Today, Bennett left with only one vaccination - the DTaP (which is actually 3 in 1), and then we are heading back next month to get another two mercury free vaccinations. In fact, we are going back monthly until she is 9 months old so we can get her pretty much caught up with the CDC's schedule. We opted out of her remaining Rotavirus vaccinations, and are waiting to give her the remaining Hepatitis B until she is older. We were also referred to a compounding place in town where we can get the MMR vaccination split up into separate shots-which we are definitely doing. We both felt comfortable with our decision, and it must have shown to Bennett because she didn't even flinch when she got her shot today.

As always, she was an angel...smiling and talking for the nurse and doctor. She weighed in at 13 lbs 13 oz and was 24.5 inches long....both are in the 50th percentile. Dr. Stansell said that she looked great, and told us to not worry about her lack of reaching now (since she was a little early). Since she is on target with all of the other milestones, he thinks it may just take her another month or so.

Steve and I have talked several times since the appointment about how happy we are with the outcome. We certainly want to protect our little angel, and if the additional tests that the CDC is conducting prove that multiple vaccinations (with Thimerosal) at once can be detrimental, we want to be ahead of the curve. Based on what I have read, there has to be some link to the substantial increase in autism over the past two decades. We feel extremely fortunate to have God's protection over our baby these past 12 months (in utero and after birth), and it is our job too to make sure that she is taken care of to the best of our ability. So, if it requires more of our time to take her into the doctor's office...she is WELL WORTH IT!

I certainly don't want to push my opinions on anyone, but if you have any questions, or want to be directed to some of the websites that I visited...please email me. I would be more than happy to share any and all information I have, including her alternate vaccination schedule.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Discoveries

Bennett is growing bigger all of the time, and though she hasn't grown tired of her discovery gym, we decided to introduce her to her exer-saucer. Her little legs are too small to reach the bottom, so she can't twist or bounce in it yet. However, she enjoys sucking and drooling all over the seat, and staring at the new toys. We need to put a pillow or something in the bottom of it so she can turn herself around. We're hoping that she will find one of the toys real exciting and begin reaching for them soon. That is the one milestone that she hasn't reached yet. We are off to the doctor tomorrow morning for her 4 month check-up.

Wish us well, we are talking to the doctor about an alternate vaccination schedule (and you know how doctors hate to be told that what they are doing is wrong).

Monday, September 24, 2007

Church Social

Last night our church hosted a social for all of the young adult Sunday school classes. They asked everyone to tailgate and wear your favorite team colors. There were contests for best appetizer, dessert and tailgate. Our wonderful class got 3rd prize for the appetizer and 1st for the tailgate (so we won a free brunch)! The name of our class is Journey, because we are all just getting our lives started with our new families and beginning our lifelong journey. It is a great group of people, and as you can see in the photo...we are all about the same age and have young children.

Though this is only about half of our class, there are tons of fun people, and lots of babies! Bennett got a little tired with all of the excitement, so she took one of her infamous cat naps in the back of our truck. Her two friends are Luke and Paul Mills, born about two weeks after Bennett.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nekked Baby

Yesterday we went for our morning walk and then ran a few errands. Everything was going according to planned with us getting things done before Steve left for the AL-GA game that afternoon. We were on our way to grab lunch when I started talking about going to the game. We then decided that it could work, so we turned around so I could go home and shower and Steve packed up the car.

Within an hour, we were all (and I mean, Steve, Bennett and Spencer) on our way to Tuscaloosa. We got there fairly quickly and got Bennett changed into her cheerleader's outfit, and Spencer into his jersey. Everyone was happy for about 10 minutes, but then the heat set in. Spencer began panting and Bennett was sweating in her little polyester hot box. So we stripped them both down and things got back to normal.

We all enjoyed some BBQ and hung with friends, until 6ish when the crowd thinned to go into the game. Several of the girls didn't have tickets, so we all sat outside and watched the game on the TVs at the tailgate. It wasn't the best game since AL was down by 10 pts twice and fought to come back and tie up the game. But was most disappointing, was losing in sudden death overtime to Georgia. As you might imagine, Steve was sad. It was Alabama's first loss this year, and the game could have been won by the Tide.

Bennett enjoyed some parts, but as you can see in a couple of the photos - she dosed off several times (I really don't know where she gets off sleeping during an AL football game....the nerve!).
Thankfully, Steve sprinted back to the car after the game so we could hightail it out of there before 100,000 people all heading in the same direction did! It was a long day, but overall, everyone had fun.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Crisp Fall Morning

Nothing is better than getting up and being outside on a cool morning. Today we awoke and enjoyed a cup of java while Bennett sucked down a bottle and Spencer inhaled his food. Then we went out and took a walk. It was incredibly nice out...about 60 degrees and clear blue skies, and the beautiful weather put me in a good mood for the rest of the day (Steve was in a good mood since Alabama won in the final seconds of the game against Arkansas last night)!

Bennett has moved up to the jogging stroller, probably a little sooner than she should, but she loves it! The back lies almost flat and she is much cooler in it than the other which we use with her carseat. Not to mention, we think the jogging stroller is so much easier to push and maneuver around outside.

Spencer was thrilled to go for a walk...his favorite thing to do, next to eating. He has been so good and has really come around since Shelby's passing 2.5 months ago.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Bennett's Baptism

Well our little angel has been baptized. It was a terrific day with our entire family and several friends. My parents came in town for her big day, and all of the Mizeranys were present (with the exception of Uncle Dan, who had to work in Florida). Bennett looked absolutely beautiful in her great-grandfather's christening gown. As you may recall her middle name is Clegg. Clegg (Walker) was my mother's father, and he was a wonderful person. I was lucky enough to have his first name as my middle name. However, when I married, I elected to drop it so I could keep Banta. I didn't want his unique name lost, so we decided to carry it on, and use it as Bennett's middle name. It was very special to have her honor him by wearing the gown he was christened in himself, and to share his name. The gown was surprisingly in good shape, and it fit her perfectly! She really looked like an angel in it (as you can see here).

Bennett was in great spirits all morning, so much so that she refused to take a nap. She smiled for the ministers at our meeting before the service, but she shortly thereafter fell asleep. She was so tired, that she slept throughout the entire baptism! We went up to the pulpit in front of the congregation, handed her over to Andy Wolfe, the head minister at Trinity United Methodist Church, where they blessed her and sprinkled water on her head. If that wasn't enough, they then paraded her around the church while we all sang "Jesus Loves Me." He handed her back to me, and she was still asleep. She finally awoke at the end of the service so we could take a few photos.

Afterward, we hosted everyone back at our home for lunch and cocktails. We enjoyed mimosas, wine and beer with a few appetizers, and then onto a delish beef tenderloin that Steve cooked that morning with a few sides. I think everyone enjoyed the feast, and it was certainly fun having everyone there!

John Michael, who once was the baby on the Mizerany side, has really adapted well to the arrival of Bennett. He's still a little timid about holding her, but he certainly loves her noises and faces. Steve was able to catch this sweet photo of him holding her yesterday. As you can see by her face, she loves her cousin too!
After everyone left, we got the house back in order and finally relaxed in front of the tv. It was a long day, but a great one. I know that Papa (Clegg Walker) must have been looking down on us with our other lost loved ones yesterday, and we are blessed for that.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Baby Babble

Bennett has been trying to talk for a couple of weeks now. If you talk to her, she'll look intently at you, and sometimes move her mouth in silence, as if she is mocking you without sound. Other times she is successful in making noise, and she loves the sound of her voice. Bennett and her daddy can have full "conversations." Of course we like to pretend that she is telling us all about her day, as seen in this video.

Baby Babble