Monday, September 10, 2007

Bennett's Baptism

Well our little angel has been baptized. It was a terrific day with our entire family and several friends. My parents came in town for her big day, and all of the Mizeranys were present (with the exception of Uncle Dan, who had to work in Florida). Bennett looked absolutely beautiful in her great-grandfather's christening gown. As you may recall her middle name is Clegg. Clegg (Walker) was my mother's father, and he was a wonderful person. I was lucky enough to have his first name as my middle name. However, when I married, I elected to drop it so I could keep Banta. I didn't want his unique name lost, so we decided to carry it on, and use it as Bennett's middle name. It was very special to have her honor him by wearing the gown he was christened in himself, and to share his name. The gown was surprisingly in good shape, and it fit her perfectly! She really looked like an angel in it (as you can see here).

Bennett was in great spirits all morning, so much so that she refused to take a nap. She smiled for the ministers at our meeting before the service, but she shortly thereafter fell asleep. She was so tired, that she slept throughout the entire baptism! We went up to the pulpit in front of the congregation, handed her over to Andy Wolfe, the head minister at Trinity United Methodist Church, where they blessed her and sprinkled water on her head. If that wasn't enough, they then paraded her around the church while we all sang "Jesus Loves Me." He handed her back to me, and she was still asleep. She finally awoke at the end of the service so we could take a few photos.

Afterward, we hosted everyone back at our home for lunch and cocktails. We enjoyed mimosas, wine and beer with a few appetizers, and then onto a delish beef tenderloin that Steve cooked that morning with a few sides. I think everyone enjoyed the feast, and it was certainly fun having everyone there!

John Michael, who once was the baby on the Mizerany side, has really adapted well to the arrival of Bennett. He's still a little timid about holding her, but he certainly loves her noises and faces. Steve was able to catch this sweet photo of him holding her yesterday. As you can see by her face, she loves her cousin too!
After everyone left, we got the house back in order and finally relaxed in front of the tv. It was a long day, but a great one. I know that Papa (Clegg Walker) must have been looking down on us with our other lost loved ones yesterday, and we are blessed for that.

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Look at her sweet smile! She is really starting to show a lot of personality now!! She looked beautiful!!