Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bumbo Seat

This weekend while Steve was enjoying himself in
Jacksonville, FL with the guys at the Alabama game, Bennett and I stayed at home and bonded even more. We stayed at home Friday night, but went to a football party of our own Saturday night. We watched Alabama lose their second game, and then headed home early for a good night of sleep.

Bennett is such a trip and a truly happy baby. Though we had a nice routine for the weekend, I still wanted to get things done while we were at home. Without the extra pair of hands, I had to rely on her various toys to keep her entertained. She surprisingly can remain content in her exersaucer or discovery gym for 30 minutes at a time, but she does like to alternate her positions. If she is lying down for one playtime, then she wants to be upright the next the bumbo seat works perfectly for that.

Not only is it useful for me, it is great for her as it forces her to hold her head upright. She is usually okay in it for about 15 minutes, but then she starts to get tired. As you will see in the progression of photos I took of her tonight when I was trying to prepare dinner.

(her head was practically resting on her shoulder, and she was leaning and drooling...yet still happy)


Our Story... said...

I'm glad she likes her Bumbo. Anderson really wasn't too wild about his despite our efforts! It's so strange at how they have all of these little preferences at such an early age!

Dave Long said...

We love the Bumbo. You can also see in our pictures that when Lawson first started using it, he was always leaning to one side since he couldn't quite sit up straight. When Courtney and I sit at the dining room table for dinner, Lawson in the Bumbo is often our centerpiece!