Sunday, September 16, 2007

Crisp Fall Morning

Nothing is better than getting up and being outside on a cool morning. Today we awoke and enjoyed a cup of java while Bennett sucked down a bottle and Spencer inhaled his food. Then we went out and took a walk. It was incredibly nice out...about 60 degrees and clear blue skies, and the beautiful weather put me in a good mood for the rest of the day (Steve was in a good mood since Alabama won in the final seconds of the game against Arkansas last night)!

Bennett has moved up to the jogging stroller, probably a little sooner than she should, but she loves it! The back lies almost flat and she is much cooler in it than the other which we use with her carseat. Not to mention, we think the jogging stroller is so much easier to push and maneuver around outside.

Spencer was thrilled to go for a walk...his favorite thing to do, next to eating. He has been so good and has really come around since Shelby's passing 2.5 months ago.

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Joy said...

Hello, Courtney's Mom again. I click on your blog at least once a week. What a beautiful baby Bennett is. I loved hearing the background on her name. Our Lawson has a lot of family history with his name also. I really was tickled to see Spencer. My thoughts have been with you since you lost Shelby. Please remember Courtney, Dave and Lawson as they fly off to Virginia. I will miss them so much...but I am so happy that I will have a blog to keep up with them and baby Bennett!