Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nekked Baby

Yesterday we went for our morning walk and then ran a few errands. Everything was going according to planned with us getting things done before Steve left for the AL-GA game that afternoon. We were on our way to grab lunch when I started talking about going to the game. We then decided that it could work, so we turned around so I could go home and shower and Steve packed up the car.

Within an hour, we were all (and I mean, Steve, Bennett and Spencer) on our way to Tuscaloosa. We got there fairly quickly and got Bennett changed into her cheerleader's outfit, and Spencer into his jersey. Everyone was happy for about 10 minutes, but then the heat set in. Spencer began panting and Bennett was sweating in her little polyester hot box. So we stripped them both down and things got back to normal.

We all enjoyed some BBQ and hung with friends, until 6ish when the crowd thinned to go into the game. Several of the girls didn't have tickets, so we all sat outside and watched the game on the TVs at the tailgate. It wasn't the best game since AL was down by 10 pts twice and fought to come back and tie up the game. But was most disappointing, was losing in sudden death overtime to Georgia. As you might imagine, Steve was sad. It was Alabama's first loss this year, and the game could have been won by the Tide.

Bennett enjoyed some parts, but as you can see in a couple of the photos - she dosed off several times (I really don't know where she gets off sleeping during an AL football game....the nerve!).
Thankfully, Steve sprinted back to the car after the game so we could hightail it out of there before 100,000 people all heading in the same direction did! It was a long day, but overall, everyone had fun.

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