Saturday, October 20, 2007

Date Day!

Today, Steve and I got up early and prepared for our road trip to Tuscaloosa. We were excited since it was a cool 65 degrees, and we had secured Ms. Shirley for the day to watch Bennett. We hit the road at 8:30 and had smooth sailing for most of the ride. However, when we were about 15 minutes outside T-town we started the bumper-to-bumper traffic. Today was a BIG game for Alabama, they were playing arch rival Tennessee. Alabama was picked to win by 1 point, but there were plenty of people (including us) who thought TN was going to walk away with the win. So, we had to prepare ourselves for the early kick by having a couple of mimosas before the game. We then walked over to the stadium and got settled. Myra & Big Lou have phenomenal seats (on the 45 yd line, about 20 rows up), but the day games don't offer any relief with the sun. So, though it was still on the cooler side, when you pack 92,000 people into a stadium and have the sun beating down on gets warm. Needless to say, we all walked out of there with a sunburn. Who would have thought this late in the season we could still get a tan!

The game started off great, and ended even better...with AL beating the tar out of TN! It was a lot of fun, yes, even I can admit it. About midway into the 4th quarter, Tennessee fans started walking out of the stadium, upset that they were obviously going to lose. Alabama (who last year lost all of their energy by the 4th quarter) just kept getting better today. The crowd was going bananas, and I think they fed off of the excitement. At the end of the game, the entire stadium (except the TN fans and me, since I didn't know the words) sang "Rammer Jammer."
I haven't seen Steve so happy after a game since I've known him!

Since the TN and Birmingham folks all need to take the same route home, we went back to the tailgate to let traffic die down. After an hour and half, we thought it was safe, but it was still pretty bad. Oh well...Steve drove and I took a short nap. See I had to get some zzz's in somewhere since I didn't doze off once during the game. Yes, you heard me correctly....I managed to stay awake for the WHOLE game for my first time! Steve was very proud of me, because not only was I awake, but I cheered and paid attention. Maybe I'll begin to like football after all........nahhhhh.

When we pulled into the driveway, we were greeted by a very excited dog, and a sleeping baby, that I had to wake up and kiss. Overall, it was a great day!