Sunday, October 14, 2007

Houston Sniffles

This weekend we headed west to Houston! We flew out Thursday night, and went straight to Katy to see the Reardons: Trey, Ann, Allen & Jack. They were terrific hosts and welcomed us with our favorite beers and a pack-n-play all set up and ready to go for Bennett. Our first morning was just perfect... gourmet coffee outside on their patio, followed up with delicious omelets prepared by Allen and then mimosas!

When Steve and Allen headed off to play golf for the afternoon, Bennett and I headed into town to visit with Elizabeth and Alex. We just hung out at their place, but again, it was just perfect. Nothing is better than relaxing with old friends, where you can be yourself and pick up where you left off (even if it has been a little while). Kris, Paul and Lisette joined us later that afternoon, and then finally William. We caught up, and made our plans for Saturday, and then I made the trip back to Katy with Bennett.

There we found Allen slaving in the kitchen over another wonderful meal. We waited while enjoying some wine. Then Steve and I repeated last weekend's behavior and opened up a few more bottles. It was a beautiful cool, clear evening, and we were having so much fun with Allen and Ann. I guess we just got a little carried away with all of the fun. We finally hit the hay a little after midnight. Thankfully, we were able to sleep in some since our little angel slept until 9 am!!

We were moving slow Saturday morning, but we finally were in route to Houston around 11am. We met the gang, including Kay and her two girls at a great little cafe for lunch. We then walked around the area some, and headed back to the Elizabeth & William's for a little downtime. Alex, (Elizabeth's little girl here above) entertained us with her limber body. She is quite talented: eating, and then sucking on her toes between bites. The guys enjoyed swapping stories about various hunting trips, while us girls tended to our kiddies and continued to talk about nothing, even though it was actually something.

That night we headed to Kay and Brandon's home for a fabulous tex-mex meal, for old time's sake. There was a big group for dinner: their three gorgeous kids, Kay's sister, Kim and her little boy, Elizabeth, William, Alex, Paul, Kris, Lisette, and then Steve, Bennett and me! It was a little chaotic at times, as there were tears shed by every child there that night, but I think everyone had fun. I know we did!

Kay's oldest little girl, Caroline

Kris, Kay, me (& Bennett) and Elizabeth

Bennett before we headed home, a little tuckered out!

This morning, most of the gang met for a quick breakfast before we all went our separate ways. Though, the three of us came home with runny noses and sore throats from the high ragweed count in Houston...we had a fabulous time visiting friends. It makes us sad that they all live so far away, yet it is comforting to know that we have wonderful friendships that can survive any distance.

We love you all and can't wait for our next reunion!

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