Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Stupids...

Last night we went out to celebrate the engagement of friends Chris Corts and Leslie Conwill. It started off innocently enough with champagne and a bottle of wine at our house, and then off to dinner. We tried out a new restaurant in Mountain Brook, Table, where everyone enjoyed their dinners and some more wine. We were having too much fun to call it a night so early (and we had Ms. Shirley watching Bennett), so we went back to the future Corts home and finished off two more bottles of wine. You would have thought that was enough, but when Steve and Karen dropped us off, they decided to come in for a we opened our last bottle of wine.

Let me back up a little, earlier this week we were asked to help host the "Coffee with Pastors" hour at church today. It required us to bring some pastries and creamer for the guests, and then make coffee and set everything up. We were supposed to be there right after the early service. So this morning when we woke up at 8 am (we forgot to set the alarm), we were racing around, trying to shower, get ready, feed Bennett and all of the above before 8:45. Since Steve can get ready much quicker than me, he raced out after his shower to buy some pastries and start the coffee. I continued to get ready as quickly as I could, got Bennett dressed, and then swung by the store to get creamer (since Steve forgot that). I got Bennett checked into the nursery at church and ran upstairs to help Steve with any last minute details. However, when 8:45 came and went without anyone stopping by, including the pastors, we realized that we ran around for nothing because it didn't begin until 9:45. I guess with all of the alcohol in our systems from the night before, we weren't thinking very clearly.

So, we decided to go to the early service. It was tough since we were both so tired, but we made it. Then it was time for "coffee with the pastors." Thankfully it was a smaller group, but I was so paranoid that they could smell the wine on my breath so I stayed a healthy distance. We made it out of there about an hour later, and then went home to relax for a bit before going to Steve's parents for the birthday celebration.

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Courtney & Dave Long said...

funny story! we miss everyone at church. :)