Sunday, October 28, 2007

Welcome Nene!

Since Steve went hunting for a long weekend with my father, brother, his brother, and several friends of all of them in South Dakota...I convinced my mother to come down to visit her grandchildren. She flew in Wednesday night, and the guys flew out Thursday morning. She stayed with Shannon and Christian the first couple nights, and then came to our house Friday for the weekend.

It was beautiful weather all and sunny. And what made it even better...Bennett slept until 9am both days of the weekend! Yes, you heard me correctly...9am!! It was just perfect because I slept in until then too!! I can't even remember the last time I slept that late, it has certainly been before Bennett came into my life.

Anyway, we got some Christmas shopping done, and she got plenty of time to love on her all in all, it was a successful weekend.

Though this was the longest period of time that Steve spent away from his little girl, he talked to her on the phone everyday. In addition, he had a great time on his first big hunting trip. He went to a private place outside of Mitchell, South Dakota, and had luck killing lots of innocent little pheasants.

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