Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bennett's 1st Christmas

The past week has been very hectic with the move and then finding everything in the mountain of boxes. So it was nice taking a break and just enjoying our family for two days. Christmas Eve day we headed to Brian and Shannon's to celebrate Christmas with them. Christian was fun and very interested in a couple of his new toys - a Caterpillar truck that my parents gave him, and a motorized car that Brian and Shannon gave him. Bennett was really too young this year, but she certainly enjoyed the bright colors of the wrapping paper and putting each gift in her mouth. After opening all of the presents over mimosas and appetizers, we sat down for lunch. Since we were set to spend the evening with Steve's family, we headed home afterward to unpack our goodies, while they all went to church to thank God for all of the blessings in our lives.

Later that night, we headed over to a table full of Lebanese food and more family time with all of the Mizerany clan. The tradition has always been that the youngest child gets to open a gift first, so John Michael had to pass the torch to his newest cousin on this side of the family....little Miss Bennett. She once again tried to eat her gift, so John Michael helped her open the gift that he picked out for her. It was a darling pink camouflage onesie and jean skirt (so sweet if I must say so myself). Then Bennett opened gifts from Maria and Sara before we all moved into the living room and started tearing through all of the wrapping paper. For the past couple of years, Myra and Louis have given us gifts that are hidden in trick boxes. So in order for us to get our gifts, we need to figure out how to open the box. It can become so frustrating, but they love seeing that. After all of the gift exchanges, and chowing on food....everyone started to get a little sleepy. Uncle Dan actually fell asleep while holding Bennett who was fast asleep. It was a terrific day!

Christmas morning my parents and us just relaxed at our home. We unpacked a few boxes, and then had breakfast with mimosas. Then we started getting ready for the annual Christmas lunch at the Mizerany's again. Myra knows how much my father loves her chicken and dumplings, so she slaved in the kitchen preparing that, her wonderful dressing, kibbee, ham and several other sides. There was more than enough food for all of us!

Wednesday, Steve and I went to work for a few hours in the morning, but then returned home to finish the last of our packing and move. Since the purchase and closing happened so quickly, we did not have enough time to pack up the entire house and be prepared for the movers. So, we were forced to leave much of the basement there which required us to return for several round trips on our own. Thankfully my parents drove down to assist us (with their loving dog, Winston).

Spencer and Winston are great pals, and I must admit that I haven't seen Spence so happy to see another dog. They played with each other, took naps together, and had daily walks by my father (until Spencer ran away from my dad). You see my father was taking the two for a short walk and then to a nearby park. There he would take them off their leashes so they could run around and chase each other a little. The first couple of times went smoothly, but Christmas day went differently. After Spencer was released from his leash, he ran around a little and then decided to head home before my father and Winston were ready. My father called for him to return, and he stopped and looked at him for a moment, but then took off running for home. My father was so nervous that he would run away or get lost (recall Thanksgiving 2005), so he and Winston tried to catch up and began jogging after him. Of course they couldn't catch him, but we were all happy to find Spence sitting on the front stoop of our new home, waiting to be let inside. We were shocked that he could find his way after only living here a few days!

Thursday, my father and Winston headed home (and then Spencer went back to sleeping almost all day). My mother, Steve and I got really focused on unpacking and getting the home more organized. She was kind enough to stay through the weekend to help us, and I must admit that we made a ton of progress. We only have a few boxes left, and then all of our pictures to hang. Since we are still getting used to the new layout we elected to wait to hang anything until we know for sure which rooms we want things. I promise photos of our new home on a future blog.

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Courtney & Dave Long said...

Glad ya'll got moved. Congrats! Bennett's little eyes just sparkle! I loved the Christmas card; her little feet are so precious! Take care, and Happy New Year!