Monday, December 17, 2007

Call Me Crazy!

I have been called crazy several times in the past week as I tell my story to folks. You see we closed on the purchase of our new home today, and began moving boxes over tonight (even though the house isn't quite finished yet). The builder is trying to finish off our punchlist this week, since the movers are set to come on Friday and move all of our furniture over. Since we have run into multiple snags along the road with both home sales, we didn't want to go crazy with the packing in advance since we weren't sure the whole thing would even come to fruition (aren't we the optimists). Thankfully though we made it through one of the closings, and have the closing of our current home on December 28th.

Since my parents are coming into town for Christmas and planning to stay with us, we have to get our stuff in the new house. They are both committed to helping us get unpacked and settled, and we are thankful for the extra set of hands to either watch Bennett or unpack boxes. We still have so much to pack, and move ahead of time (anything breakable or difficult to pack), so we have our work cut out for us this week. In addition to this, we still have our Christmas shopping to finish up. I think I have finally given up on that though and decided to just give gift cards for anyone I have left because I just don't have the time to think about what to get them and then go buy it.

Steve and I feel guilty about not having a Christmas tree for Bennett's 1st Christmas, but we promise to take lots of photos of her in front of everyone else's trees! For now you will have to settle for some cute photos of her petting her favorite doggie, Spencer and sporting her new slippers and hat!

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