Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Since we have been so preoccupied with our move, we have missed the opportunity to get Bennett's photo taken with Santa for the first time. You don't have to tell me how bad of a parent I am because the guilt is already sinking in by itself. Tonight we went to a dinner at our church for young adults and they brought Santa in for the little ones. I was excited about this opportunity to have her meet this jolly ole man for the first time without the anxiety of long lines and screaming kids; however when I saw their "Santa" tonight...I began to reconsider.

Since we had Bennett all dressed up and there, we had to take advantage of the opportunity. But as you will see in the photos, this Santa was young and not very jolly. I must admit though that Bennett didn't mind. She was so fascinated with his long white beard and bright red outfit that she just stared at him. We kept calling out her name and making familiar sounds that usually put a smile on her face, but she couldn't take her eyes off of him. Though we have been practicing the sound that Santa makes (Ho Ho Ho), she hasn't quite mastered it yet.
After ten unsuccessful shots, we gave up and decided to suck it up and commit to taking her to the mall like the rest of the caring parents do with their babies. Hopefully she will be just as cooperative, and enthralled with the ole guy.


Jeff and Lindsey said...

I love that look on her face in the last one!! She's like...what is the deal with this white stuff on this guy's face!! You can tell she is really aware of everything now...she's growing up on you!! :-)

Courtney & Dave Long said...

congrats on the new home! good luck with everything. i totally understand about the xmas tree. we don't have our own either this year. i was all stressed out about having our xmas stockings and a tree, and i finally just said, "the tree and stockings at MeMe's house will be just fine!" i LOVED the xmas picture of bennett! we'll get you one of lawson in the mail soon! hope ya'll have a wonderful christmas. we'll be at mom & dad's sunday, so we won't see you at church. take care!