Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy Blogging!

For those of you who blog, or are interested in blogging in the future...I wanted to share some info that my friend, Chelsea, found on a website. For those who don't blog yet...this may prompt you to finally set one up! As you all know, a blog can be a great journal of your life, so how terrific would it be to archive it, and save it as a memento to read later. Well, there is a way to actually do this! After much surfing, Chelsea found this site that allows you to order your blog as a book. It's free to download the software. I haven't done it yet, but Chels claims it is pretty easy to use. When you're ready, you can order a book of your blog as a fun keepsake. Prices vary depending on page size, number of pages, hardback, etc., but based on her research it was reasonable compared to other sites. Here's the site if you want to check it out. http://www.blurb.com/create/book/blogbook?tag=3_sf


Courtney & Dave Long said...

interesting. ive never heard of this. might be a good idea for lawson's 1st bday.

Jeff and Lindsey said...

Oh yeah!!! Jeff and I have been meaning to research this! I knew somebody out there had to have thought of it!