Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My little girl...

It is truly amazing how quickly your children grow up. Everyone always tell me to "enjoy it while they are young because they grow up so quickly," and now I can relate! It is hard for us to believe that Bennett is already 8 months old, and now closer to a one year old than our little newborn. She brings us so much joy, so we thought we would share some of it through a couple of recent videos. The first is her contagious laugh (that just puts a smile on our face when we hear it), and then the other is her feeding herself one morning this past week.



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Jeff and Lindsey said...

3 things...
1. I am so with you on the boy thing. I really fully expect it to be a boy. I am excited because I really love our boy name and the thought of "he" and Anderson being so close in age makes me smile...not to mention the matching Jon Jon's in their future!...but everyone including my hubby is convinced it's a girl. We'll see!
2. Holy toledo...Bennett is how many months old?? I know I can count, but seriously I swear it seems like yesterday that she arrived. 8 months doesn't seem possible! Time flies!
3. Hearing Steven baby talk to her in that last video totally just melted me! My how babies can change us!! It seems crazy that not all that long ago we were all about being "out and about" and now these little ones have us so wrapped around their tiny fingers!