Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Year...and New Beginnings!

Happy New Year!! We couldn't be happier in our new home, and spent the entire day in our pjs lounging around. We were hoping to sleep in after staying up to ring in the new year, but Bennett had a different idea. She was up and ready to get her day started at an early 6:30 today. Steve was kind enough to feed and entertain her so I could sleep an extra hour, but then we all started stirring. We had made a promise to each other that this would be more of a relaxing day, and it turned out to be just that. Steve made me breakfast, and then we opened a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne that my parents gave us when we got engaged (over 2 years ago). We had been waiting to open it for a special occasion, so after we made the purchase of this home, and closed on our old one, we picked today. We thought it would be perfect for ringing in the new year in our new home with our new baby girl! We reflected on this past year where we celebrated our first anniversary and the birth of Bennett, said good-bye to our beloved dog Shelby, and then made this move right before Christmas. It was a busy year, but a great first one of many in our marriage.

We had a great day, just lounging in our pjs and discussing all of the things we plan to do to our home in the coming months and years. Since we both enjoy working in the yard, and we have a large backyard that hasn't really been landscaped yet...that will be one of our first spring projects. We also have a huge unfinished basement, where we hope to build out a bar, living space and an additional bedroom and bathroom. Steve can already envision his "man cave" that walks right out to a patio and our backyard. Since we had been thinking of building our home, we have been saving pictures from magazines for the past couple of years of things that we like, so we're looking forward to implementing some of them in our new home.

I am confident that 2008 will be another memorable year for us, and I look forward to documenting our stories right here. So, please continue to return to check out our updates. We wish you all the very best this year!

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ACannon said...

Julie & Miz,

I had heard about your blog and today when you sent the email out I actually got to see it!! It is fantastic and such a great way for everyone to keep up with what is going on with you. Bennett really is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on the new house!