Friday, January 11, 2008

Our Water Baby!

This morning we went to Bennett's very first swimming "lesson" (of many, many more I'm sure). Since she was born, Steve has been anxious to enroll her in a swimming class. Since he used to be a lifeguard, he is adamant about her becoming a good swimmer and not being afraid of the water. He wanted to start her young to help promote that, but after speaking to our pediatrician and the swimming teacher, we elected to wait until she was a little older and can actually reach for objects (hopefully the side of the pool in coming weeks).

She loved the experience, and it certainly didn't hurt that the water was very warm. She immediately started splashing around in the water and kicking her legs (quite the natural). The instructor didn't want to do too much in the first class, so she focused on getting them in and comfortable first. Then it was floating on their backs and fronts (with their heads above water). She also tried to encourage them to blow bubbles (the first video shows Steve trying to teach her). This has become Bennett's favorite thing to do at home, but of course she wouldn't imitate us this morning in the pool. To encourage them to reach for the side of the pool, they started with a floating ball. The ball was to be placed in front of them so they could reach for it. She understood that part, but didn't quite "grasp" the reaching for the side.

This last video is at the end of class when she is just kicking her legs and enjoying the water. I think she liked floating best. We go back every week for the next five weeks, so stay tuned for more updates on our little mermaid.

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Courtney & Dave Long said...

looks like she's catching on quickly! dave was a swimmer in high school and is anxious too about teaching lawson to swim. what have you heard about the best time to start with lessons? after 6 months, i'm assuming?