Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gooooo Mustangs!

Look who is proud to be wearing the pony! Thanks to our good friends, Will & Betsy, Bennett gets to sport a new collegiate outfit (that isn't crimson and white). Will was a fellow Mustang years ago, and was just transferred to Dallas for work. So, we are looking forward to our first visit to the big D! Betsy has been bribing me with greasy cheese fries and ranch dressing from Snuffer's (which is exactly what I need now that I am pregnant), but I think she has forgotten that we love them and will be there without the good food!
This past week Bennett has really been making some advances: sitting up on her own from a prone position, feeding herself and standing whenever she can. I think she is really enjoying the sense of independence. She is such a sweet baby, so I wanted to capture just a few of my favorites from our fun tonight.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Swimming...take 2

For the past 5 weeks, Bennett has been going to her "swimming lessons." I say it loosely because she isn't really learning to swim, but rather just feel comfortable in the water. So far, there hasn't been any problems in that area. She loves every minute of her time in the pool, and has fun splashing and kicking her arms and legs. If you recall from last week's blog, she went under for her first time. However, this week they put a twist on it for those babies a little older. Rather than blow in their face and dunk them, we sat them on the edge of the pool and let them jump (fall in Bennett's case) forward and into the water. Their own body weight carries them under while you hold their hands and help bring them back up a few seconds later. Since we aren't blowing in their face this time, they just have to instinctively hold their breath.

I was too scared to do it with Bennett the first time, so I had our instructor do it while I watched and Steve recorded it. She did wonderfully, no choking or crying.

Though we like to think she is doing well and these "lessons" are helping her, I was shocked to see some babies and toddlers who actually can save themselves from drowning if they fell in a pool. The Infant Swimming Resource is the most comprehensive drowning prevention program I have ever seen, and quite amazing. For an amazing, and very scary video of their technique, check out this video: http://www.childdrowningprevention.com/index.html

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bathtime Fun

Every night Bennett gets a bath, and every night she has fun. She has recently been getting stronger and is becoming better at standing. So, as we wait to fill her tub, I stand her by the tub so she can watch her bath toys floating in it as it fills. She gets so excited and just wants in, as you can see here.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pitter Patter

We are excited to announce that we will be hearing the pitter patter of more feet in our home! Later this year Bennett will have a new brother or sister! We are about 9 weeks along, but I am already feeling the side effects of pregnancy...an insatiable appetite (but of only certain foods, primarily unhealthy things), tiredness, a weird complexion and occasional naseau. That is okay though, since those things assure me that everything is okay in there.

I am sure some of you are already thinking "she's going to be pregnant all summer long in the heat" and yes, you are right. I am not looking forward to it, but again, we are just happy to be pregnant! Our due date has been set for Sept 25th, so Bennett will only be about 16 months old when the new one comes along. I may be crazy, but I am hoping that I will not know any different.

Please pray for us!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hold Your Breath....

Today at Bennett's swim lesson we practiced more of the same...floating on our back, floating on our tummy, blowing bubbles, kicking, reaching and jumping from the side of the pool. However, we did one new thing today...going under! The teacher got in the pool and gave us all the rules and steps at properly dunking our childs. Everyone was a little timid, but excited at the same time. She sternly told us that we can only do it 3 times in one day because most children swallow a little water, and they don't want to get too much water in their lungs. So, she showed us what to do with one of the kids in the class, and then had us go around the pool and watch each other do it to our innocent, and unsuspecting, children. Coincidentally I was standing next to her, so she asked me to go first with Bennett. I was a little nervous, since it was my first swim lesson with her anyway (that is another story), but I took the challenge and did it. I took a deep breath and like an asthma commercial blew as hard as I could into her face and then dunked her. She did surprisingly well. There were no tears, coughs nor choking!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Look at Her Go!

Last week Bennett starting crawling! She has been on the verge for sometime, and then started the rocking on her knees over the weekend. Then, before we knew it...she was moving a couple paces by crawling. Thursday I went to work, and shortly thereafter I got the call from my in-laws that she had made the move. So, of course I started crying (since I missed it) and immediately called Steve and then my mother.

Steve and I went to his parent's for lunch so we could witness it ourselves. I must admit that I thought she may have mastered the skill already, but she hadn't so I didn't feel like I had missed out on such a big milestone in her life. She keeps practicing, but knows that she can get somewhere quicker by just rolling (so there is usually some mix of the two). The one thing that I find funny though is that she is enticed to crawl for food? Hmmmmm......

Saturday, February 9, 2008

We Congratulate the New Happy Couple!

This weekend Steve and I spent the weekend celebrating the nuptials of our friends Chris and Leslie. Chris and Steve have been friends since middle school, and since we love his new bride, it was a joyous occasion for us. Chris was Steve's best man in our wedding almost two years ago, so it was an honor for Steve to be asked to stand up in their wedding. Steve worked on his toast for the rehearsal dinner all last week, and did a great job with it on Friday.

Saturday was the big day and everything went perfectly for them...the weather, her hair, make-up, the dress, the flowers, and the food was awesome. It was a fun weekend and we welcome the new couple to married life!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Tribute to Lynn

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! My father, Lynn, turns 67 today! For those that know him, you probably can't believe that he is that age, as he looks terrific and is extremely active. He is always on the go and doing something fun. He is a complete work-a-holic, but since finally deciding to retire in a couple years...he has been taking some time away from the office to travel with my mother and do things that he enjoys doing.

He spends the majority of his free time volunteering within Peoria. He served as President of his rotary club about 6 years ago, and has since never stopped leading some big fundraiser or cause for the organization. He also serves on the board of the Children's Home of Peoria, and has just finished leading a huge fundraiser for them...raising millions of dollars. In addition, he is active in the Scottish Rite, and serves on the board of his church. All of these organizations are lucky to have him, and since he is so good at raising money, that is usually where they ask him to help.

As I said before though, he has been getting away more and more the past couple of years. Between his hunting in the winter, and his golf in the summer...he still tries to get away at least one long weekend (if not longer) a month. The births of his grandchildren have brought them to Birmingham more and more. However, they still go to their timeshare in Cabo annually, and their lake house in Georgia several times a year with friends. We also all go to Avalon, NJ every summer to enjoy some quality beach time with my mom's side of the family (always a memorable trip).

So as you can see, he keeps busy! What is most amazing though is how he continues to be such a loving husband, father and grandfather to all of his family! We love you Dad!! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

6 Things You Didn't Ask to Know about Me!

1) I used to be an adrenaline junkie (pre-
Bennett), taking on any crazy stunt I could find...from the worldest highest bungy jump (which is in South Africa), to repelling down cliffs, skydiving, zip-lines, cage diving with great white sharks and river rafting with only pads and a helmet! Though I was slightly pushed from this bridge for my bungy jump, it is still a cool claim to fame!

2) Though it hasn't been formally diagnosed, many think I may have a touch of narcolepsy due to my uncanny ability to fall asleep anywhere...an airplane, a bar, a movie, any football game, even a Limp Bisquit concert!

3) If I ever quit my job I think I could have a shot at being an actress since I can cry at the drop of a hat....a sappy hallmark commercial, a cute baby, or any sad news that someone shares with me.

4) I am 1/4 Hispanic...thanks to my paternal grandmother. She was originally from Mexico City before my grandfather laid his eyes on her while on a short visit there. He met her in a perfume shop and it was "love at first sight." They kept in touch for awhile, and then he came back down to move her to Lowpoint, IL. For those that have been to Lowpoint, you know it must have been true love for her to have agreed to live in a such a small country town and not speak a lick of English. (As a sidenote, this may explain my love for Mexican food.)

5) I am a little anal about money. Some people have called me "tight," but I prefer to think of myself as "frugal," more just conscientious of where I spend my money and making sure that I am getting a good deal.

6)I love to sing in the car, regardless if I know the words or sing off tune. Steve hates it because he feels that I ruin whatever we are listening to, but I don't care...it makes me happy so I do it!

These random facts have been brought to you by Chelsea. She "tagged" me, so I'm playing the game now. Here are the rules:

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  3. Share six non-important things about yourself.
  4. Tag six people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs (it's okay if you don't tag 6).
  5. Let them know they've been tagged. I'm tagging Shannon, Lindsey & Courtney (the only other people I know with blogs).