Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gooooo Mustangs!

Look who is proud to be wearing the pony! Thanks to our good friends, Will & Betsy, Bennett gets to sport a new collegiate outfit (that isn't crimson and white). Will was a fellow Mustang years ago, and was just transferred to Dallas for work. So, we are looking forward to our first visit to the big D! Betsy has been bribing me with greasy cheese fries and ranch dressing from Snuffer's (which is exactly what I need now that I am pregnant), but I think she has forgotten that we love them and will be there without the good food!
This past week Bennett has really been making some advances: sitting up on her own from a prone position, feeding herself and standing whenever she can. I think she is really enjoying the sense of independence. She is such a sweet baby, so I wanted to capture just a few of my favorites from our fun tonight.


Miz said...

The Julie double standard lives...when I get back in town it will be Crimson time!!!



Courtney & Dave Long said...

wow - those are big milestones! yea bennett!