Monday, February 11, 2008

Look at Her Go!

Last week Bennett starting crawling! She has been on the verge for sometime, and then started the rocking on her knees over the weekend. Then, before we knew it...she was moving a couple paces by crawling. Thursday I went to work, and shortly thereafter I got the call from my in-laws that she had made the move. So, of course I started crying (since I missed it) and immediately called Steve and then my mother.

Steve and I went to his parent's for lunch so we could witness it ourselves. I must admit that I thought she may have mastered the skill already, but she hadn't so I didn't feel like I had missed out on such a big milestone in her life. She keeps practicing, but knows that she can get somewhere quicker by just rolling (so there is usually some mix of the two). The one thing that I find funny though is that she is enticed to crawl for food? Hmmmmm......



Jeff and Lindsey said...

Julie....I do believe that was the start of a southern accent there towards the end of your video!! Ha!!

Dave Long said...

She is so cute. Coming from recent experience, she will be ALL OVER THE PLACE in no time at all. I got nervous at the end when she got to the edge. And, echoing Jeff and Lindsey, that sounded verrrrrry southern. If I had to write it down, it would read "I'm gowne gitchu." I wasn't sure if it was you at first.