Sunday, February 24, 2008

Swimming...take 2

For the past 5 weeks, Bennett has been going to her "swimming lessons." I say it loosely because she isn't really learning to swim, but rather just feel comfortable in the water. So far, there hasn't been any problems in that area. She loves every minute of her time in the pool, and has fun splashing and kicking her arms and legs. If you recall from last week's blog, she went under for her first time. However, this week they put a twist on it for those babies a little older. Rather than blow in their face and dunk them, we sat them on the edge of the pool and let them jump (fall in Bennett's case) forward and into the water. Their own body weight carries them under while you hold their hands and help bring them back up a few seconds later. Since we aren't blowing in their face this time, they just have to instinctively hold their breath.

I was too scared to do it with Bennett the first time, so I had our instructor do it while I watched and Steve recorded it. She did wonderfully, no choking or crying.

Though we like to think she is doing well and these "lessons" are helping her, I was shocked to see some babies and toddlers who actually can save themselves from drowning if they fell in a pool. The Infant Swimming Resource is the most comprehensive drowning prevention program I have ever seen, and quite amazing. For an amazing, and very scary video of their technique, check out this video:

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